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Mimi Ajala Ministries is a not for profit organisation with a heart to serve the body of Christ in the UK. Every event and initiative can be extremely costly, from the venue costs to material development and equipments. By donating today or becoming a champion monthly giver, you will help us bring the good news of the gospel to more people, helping liberate the lives of many while helping us to build lasting legacies that stamp God’s Kingdom in this nation.

At Mimi Ajala Ministries, we are committed to stewardship of your finances by ensuring what you give goes directly to teaching the Gospel, empowering Christians and helping others.

We know it’s a big decision to donate your money so we want you to be confident that your finances are being used in the best ways possible.



I want to personally thank every partner that helps us through their generosity to establish the kingdom agenda across the world. Our partners help to create something bigger than anyone of us could do as an individual. What God is doing through Mimi Ajala Ministries is bigger than any of us and our partnership gets us involved.

When you become partner of the army of people giving monthly to Mimi Ajala Ministries, you allow us to continue to empower thousands in the UK and much more around the world, through the gospel of Christ while building God’s kingdom agenda.


It is now possible and convenient to give online using a card or bank transfer.

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