International Gathering Of God’s Women (IGOGW)

  IGOGW is an annual women’s conference in London with an aim to empower, inspire and transform every aspect of a woman’s life.

University Power Conference

 University is a time to develop and grow, discover more of who you are and have fun. Also a time to build a solid foundation for your future.

The God Experience

We are now in a time where now more than ever, it is of necessity to know your God. The time where you could base your entire Christianity on ministers or preachers is now over.

Serenity Choir

 The Serenity Choir is a group of ministers of songs, who are tasked with taking all attendees into the presence of God. Their aim is to create the right atmosphere for God and to stir up the people to receive.

Join Our

Impactful Ministries

The impact the ministry is making is because of the Christians from several ministries and Churches, committing themselves to push the work of God here at MAM forward. If you have a passion for God’s people, why not join the team and be a part of those making impact in a generation.